History Capsule: The Delhi Sultanate

As my general interest in history and my specific interest in the Deccan history takes me through various links on (and away) Wikipedia, I often wonder how we make sense of history, at all!

Thankfully, there are a few wonderful people out there, writing books, doing a lot of research and helping us make sense of things. There are of course some others who are blogging about it and that’s a great help to someone like me, when I have a question.

Recently, this question was about the Delhi Sultanate — specifically — what really happened there, before the Mughals came in from the west? That history apparently is worth 320 years.

And after a few hours of the click-read-save activity, I put it all together in an image. I will not call it an infographic, as such, however, it helped me fill in the gaps for the almost three and a half centuries of Delhi’s history, which unfortunately, we finished in a single chapter in school.


Click, for larger image

I am still searching for some information (e.g. the origin of the Sayyid dynasty); if and when I find some more information, I’ll update this post. Also, if you find any errors please let me know, I’ll update accordingly.

3 thoughts on “History Capsule: The Delhi Sultanate

  1. varun velhankar says:

    I’m big fan of this blog!
    I have a request for authors,
    I believe, there are no credible sources online about history of Indian kings before mamluk sultanate, especially about Hindushahi (or Kabul shahi?) dynasty and Jaipal, Ananadpal & their resistance against Sabaktgin or Sebuktigin & his son, Mahmud of Ghazni.

    Hindushahi dynasty was the reason no foreign invader came India before Mahmud of Ghazni, With the fall of Trilochanpal, grand son of Jaipal, Hindushahi dynasty came to an end, I guess in 1009 AD. Jaipala burnt himself in 1001-2 after accepting he was defeated & was forced to accept humiliating treaty at the hands of Mahmud of Ghazni & he started his expeditions which was the first of his 17 expeditions. Jaipala had earlier sensing the consolidation of the Ghaznavids invaded Ghaznavid Empire twice and was defeated both times at the hand of Sebuktigin.

    I would request you to please throw some light on this period, especially because this Hindushahi or Kabulshahi dyansty is very important in order to know more about foreign invasions on India, culture & socio-political situation in India & why bhatti rajputs & rajputs of Kannauj, ajmer did not help Jaipala against ghaznavids.

    • Gaizabonts says:

      Hello Varun – Thank you very much for the comment. Always good to know when someone likes what we write. Your request is noted. We will look for sources of that era and people.

      I must say, however, that you’ve already written a part of the post in your comment. And if you want, we’d like to invite you to write on this as a guest, or collaborate with one of us. 🙂 Let us know what you think of that!

      Thanks, once again!

      • Varun says:

        Thank you so much for your gracious words!
        I would love to write on this one or contribute in any which way possible. 🙂
        I strongly feel, there needs to be a lot of light on that era, which has been conveniently dumped. Not in the context of great grand Hindu ruler ruling over Afganistan but in the light of foreign invasions and its implications on then socio-political scenario, and how it changed India’s history for next 1000 years.

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