Introducing: The Custodians

It has been a while since there has been a post on this blog; six months to be precise. But that does not, automatically mean, we haven’t posted anything. We have been busy with a new blog, slightly more thematic, topical in nature, and massive in purpose; introducing, The Custodians.


As is probably obvious, The Custodians looks to being a primary resource of historical and cultural information and knowledge of the Indian Subcontinent. We will keep up academic rigour, yet, create a simple and engaging material, and be true story-tellers. Apart from creating original work from our contributors, we are also developing a large repository of open source material and links to interesting articles and other sites.

We know that the journey is long and it is hard, and we cannot do justice by ourselves.

So we are inviting like-minded people to join us in this journey, and contribute to this initiative.  We welcome different types of contributions, so do have a look, and let us know if you could also become a Custodian.

In the meanwhile, if you have liked His Story Telling, we think you will enjoy this new initiative; please follow, The Custodians.

Here’s the Blog and it’s feed. We are also on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank you, and looking forward to your visits at The Custodians!

PS: The His Story Telling blog will remain live and we may have occasional posts, on themes and topics outside of what we post on The Custodians.

Blog Update: 13MAY

I discovered today that the Wikipedia article on the Battle of Palkhed has a significant part of my post on the same subject. I tried looking for the person who has done this, and discovered that I only have an IP address for that version.

I have now written to the Wikipedia admins to see what needs to be done. I don’t mind the use of my content on Wikipedia – only that now it may seem that I copied the article from there!

In speaking with a friend about this issue, I got the idea of assigning a proper license to my content. I have now applied a Creative Commons to this entire blog.

This blog is now licensed as CC-BY-NC-ND. For more details choose the COPYRIGHT link on the sidebar.

Blog Update: 30DEC

I had changed the theme of this blog, a while ago, to help categorise the content in the blog. Earlier, I was managing this through a complicated linking of pages and posts, which was one of the reasons I wasn’t updating very frequently. I was getting lost in managing the links and the currency of content.

All content in the blog is now formatted as posts, rather than pages. I have recently deleted all categories and created a new hierarchy, which you can see on the header, and appears as a drop-down menu.

I have also added an about page that was missing for a while.

I hope this is a better experience for you, than before. I further hope that I’ll update this blog more often.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please leave a comment below.