Maratha Pages

The Maratha Pages

Bring it all together in one place, including everything I know (and that I search) at a single location. In these pages, you will find information about the Marathas as much (and hopefully a bit more) than you would find in Wikipedia. In fact, you will find that significant material here, refers to the Wikipedia.

But then, there is other information. My travels, my search for a few answers about those times, and of course, my opinions about those times – and lest they interfere with the facts, those opinions are in a separate section.

History, is probably the most difficult subject to teach – while most may disagree. History is a bit more than the heroics of a person, dates, events, and transformation. It is one of the best reflections we have available to look into our own lives; to look at our own times. Of course, you have heard of the old adage, “Those who forget history, are condemned to repeat it.” I often wonder the choice of the word ‘condemn’. As if history was something that should not have happened.

I come from the region where the Marathas ruled, and am proud (in an apolitical way) about the history and the events of these people. I love forts – not because of anything else (most forts are ruined today), but they possible splendour that they would have had in the days when every stone was in place.

Come, walk with me, taste into what was, and have a chat about what you feel.

Welcome, once again.

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You can contact me by posting a comment below (or on any of the pages).

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